Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Spin Burger Bar

The same owners (Fred/Matt Haines of SRO Inc) and former great location of 33rd Bistro Midtown on the NW corner of K/16th Street have opened Spin Burger Bar. The definition of Spin here is bike + records. Sounds good to me.

Fred is offering up some tasty burgers with a Spin. I'm not sure if that's their slogan, but I'd sell it to them.
They just opened the doors for a soft opening on Wed right before Thanksgiving, so it's pretty dang new. I went there for lunch today with a couple of friends and had to wait awhile for the food. The manager actually bought us a round to make up for we're all good.
The menu is decent looking and I decide to "create my burger" from a list of yummy ingredients. This one has cambazola (blue cheese/brie cheese), garlic roasted mayo, & pomegranate ketchup - $8.95. This is a "tasty burger" just like Jules said in Pulp Fiction. No kidding. Real talk.
My friends got the Mac-n-cheese & the Chili. Both liked their plates. (the M&C is only $2.95)
So, they're building a stage for the sprint bikes and will be doing races by the end of the week. Late night races or time trail runs will go into the weee hours of the morning.

I must say that I will be back to Spin. Again, the burger was very good and looking forward to some sprints!

I hope they get into the Sacramento cycle scene & advocacy. This will only make this place prosper.
Others already have & are getting these Gold Sprints installed in their shops, So I foresee Internet challenges between different groups.                        video of a sprint race

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